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Jan 26, 2020 Release from B Investments Holding S .A. E (BINV.CA) Concerning the BOD & Executive Managers
Company Name : B Investments Holding S .A. E
ISIN Code : EGS691T1C010
Reuters Code : BINV.CA
Content :
Release from the company concerning the Board of Directors & the Executive Managers.

The Release (199 KB)
Jan 19, 2020 B Investments Holding (BINV.CA) - Disclosure Form for the BoD & the Shareholders' Structure
Company: B Investments Holding
Symbols: EGS691T1C010
Reuters: BINV.CA
Content : Disclosure Form of the company for the Board of Directors and the shareholders' structure for the period 31/12/2019, according to Article 30 of the Listing Rules.
the Disclosure Form (198 KB)

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